About Me

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Lina who lived in a pretty little home, in a pretty little village, in a pretty little country named Switzerland! She was married to her Darling and had three very handsome boys, whom she loved very dearly.

For years, she was actively involved in the banking business, but being overwhelmed with the happiness that her children brought to her life, she decided to stay at home and work as a full time mother.

Day after day, they played, they sang and danced, and they ate sugar-plums. Night after night, they read story tales, and Lina was enchanted by these magic moments and remembered what it felt like to be a child again.

For her sons, she created the most lovely and wonderful birthday parties, letting her fantasy and imagination flow, and adding the most important ingredient--love--making their special days joyful and unforgettable.

When the time came to celebrate a party for her family and friends, Lina was consulted in all these matters, for she had excellent knowledge on the topic. She would guide and advise them always on the best and offered her services to decorate their events.

She was so full of joy that one day, she decided that she had to share it with other children to make their sweetest dreams come true...and so she created littlebigparties--a magical journey filled with adventure and fantasy--and lives happily...hopefully ever after.